What Does Volunteer Advisor Do?

Volunteer Advisor gives you access to a wealth of helpful resources and advice to help you plan and prepare for your volunteer trip abroad. The site has been created to help you decide whether volunteering abroad is right for you, and then also to help you to get ready for one of the most amazing experiences of your life. There are lots of great tips for volunteers and valuable pieces of information throughout the site and we hope that you find it useful. If you have any comments or feedback please let us know.

Who can Volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer, and at any age, whether you are leaving school, university, taking a gap year or a career break, or looking for something uniquely different to do following retirement. Volunteering in another country and doing something good that helps others is an exciting experience which can leave you with some incredible memories and a huge sense of achievement.

Is it for me?

Only you can answer that question, but we have a section that will hopefully help you decide if volunteering abroad is for you. We are sure that most people will have a very positive experience from volunteering abroad but if you have some doubts or are not entirely sure what you should be considering then click here to help you make that potentially life-changing decision.

Essential Guides for Volunteers

Our aim is to enthuse you about volunteering abroad and help guide you along the way with all the stuff that you need to do before you go and then once you arrive. To this end we have developed some informative volunteer guides which cover some of the most important points about volunteering to help you get the most from your volunteer experience abroad. Read our volunteer guides...

Preparing to be a Volunteer

Our section on preparing to volunteer provides you with lots of useful information, resources and advice to help you obtain the most from your volunteer trip. It helps you to organise yourself and shows you how to get the most use from Volunteer Advisor and its volunteer guides and volunteer resources.
Read more about how to prepare to volunteer...

Latest Site News

Volunteer Advisor has recently been given a face lift which we hope you like. We have some ambitious plans for the site so if you like the ideas behind it and think you may be able to contribute a little in the future then please bookmark us and come back soon!
Any changes to the site will be detailed here.

Why Volunteer Abroad?

There are many positive ways to describe volunteer travel. It's unique, exciting and fun for a start! It's also liberating, educational and enlightening. It is something that will stay with you for all of your life and you will make long-lasting friendships and have life-enhancing experiences.
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How do I Volunteer?

There are lots of organisations today that provide different opportunities for volunteering experiences abroad. We have listed some of these volunteer organisations on the site. Although this is not a completely comprehensive list, it does offer some of the main and most popular organsiations and as such they are definitely worth considering for their expertise and experience in this field.